'Epi-Ready' Polished Substrates

Galaxy Compound Semiconductor, Inc. offers epitaxy ready InSb and GaSb wafers. This ensures high quality and consistent performance in epitaxial growth by MBE, MOCVD, and LPE for advanced IR applications. Key features of Galaxy's products include:

  • Large format substrates (up to 100mm diameter GaSb and up to 150mm Diameter InSb) cut to your desired exact specification (±0.05°) with ultra smooth chemo-mechanically polished surfaces of Ra ~0.3nm for ease of epitaxy initiation
  • Ultra flat wafers (100mm diameter free standing substrate warp is typically <2.5µm per 16 wafer batch) for suppression of epi defect propagation
  • Fully edge rounded substrates with orientation flats to aid in the epi identification of crystallographic faces
  • Packaged in individual Fluoroware holders for minimum outgassing and sealed in an outer bag in an inert atmosphere. The bags provide a total gas, moisture, and light barrier to help preserve wafer quality during shipping, handling, and storage.
  • Substrates are supplied with a full Certificate of Conformance detailing all of the measured mechanical and electrical specifications.
  • Galaxy Compound Semiconductors, Inc. is fully ISO 9001:2015 certified.